Casual Friday – 5/29/15

imageOn Fridays I join Amie of Amie Writes for Casual Friday, a post “with no structure, no rules, no prompts, anything goes.” Check out her blog, and join us in observing Casual Friday if you would like.

I knew it would be an exceptionally busy couple of weeks for me. In my Casual Friday post last week I mentioned that I would have to work most of the three day weekend but I would definitely not work on Monday.  I ended up being under the weather so I slept a lot during the entire weekend but worked in between. As a result I didn’t get everything done that I needed to do and I did have to work on Memorial Day. But we will meet our deadline.Casual Friday Boots

I have not had a moment to read any blogs or respond to messages but I will take a quick moment to at least say that all is well with me and mine. I started this post Friday evening but then abandoned it as a bit of a work emergency took me away. Consequently for the first time my Friday feature is not being published until Saturday, which is still better than my Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday features which did not get published at all.


There are exciting developments in the garden.  We have a pale purple iris in bloom and also  a single clematis blossom. The appearance of mushrooms (toadstools?) is an interesting phenomenon in our garden. We live in a very dry climate that typically would not support mushrooms but this wet spring has actually resulted in clusters of mushrooms. We continue to officially be in drought conditions as a couple of months isn’t enough to erase years of a shortage of rain, but at least now no part of New Mexico is classified as in extreme or exceptional drought. 12% of the state is still in severe drought while where I live is classified as “abnormally dry.”

I did take a little time to “stop and smell the roses”. Hopefully my life will never be too busy to prevent me from doing that.


Here’s hoping that most of you will have a weekend that is filled with whatever your heart desires.

For me, it is another working weekend.  The positive side is that the clients we are working with are so wonderful and appreciative that it is a delight to be able to work with them.


15 thoughts on “Casual Friday – 5/29/15

  1. I love these flowers! And the pattern on the toadstools is incredible. Our wild iris are blooming, and the choke cherry blooms this year are really prolific and fragrant. What a great spring! I am in heaven with all this moisture!!

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    • Good Woman June 6, 2015 / 9:41 am

      I too love spring and this one has been exceptionally great. I love watching all the flowers and vegetation emerge and display themselves. The rain has been great. Water was flowing in the Santa Fe River downtown this week…not just a trickle. It is very unusual to see that. I also have enjoyed all the rain.

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  2. 60while60 May 30, 2015 / 8:22 am

    Beautiful iris, they are among my favourite flowers. Your hard work is obviously appreciated by your clients.

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    • Good Woman June 6, 2015 / 9:43 am

      I also love iris. They are such a delicate yet showy flower. It is interesting to me because if I were to pick a flower that matches my personality it certainly wouldn’t be an iris because I am neither delicate nor showy. But it really is a beautiful flower.


  3. susieshy45 May 30, 2015 / 10:40 am

    Loved the ” Solitary Clematis”- is that an unusual colour for a clematis ?

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    • Good Woman June 6, 2015 / 9:48 am

      Clematis come in many different varieties and thus many different colors. They can be deep purple or pink (in varying shades) or white and sometime the blossoms are not a solid color. Interesting variety.

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  4. luckyjc007 May 30, 2015 / 11:04 am

    Beautiful flowers and the photos are so sharp! They look like I could just reach in and pick them up.

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    • Good Woman June 6, 2015 / 9:51 am

      Thanks. I have been trying hard to improve my photography skills so your comment means a lot. My sister who lives with me is the gardener so I cannot take credit for the flowers themselves but I sure enjoy sharing their beauty.


  5. Ally B. Jones May 31, 2015 / 12:58 am

    I have never seen mushrooms growing except on television and they are sprouting in your backyard.

    thanks for sharing

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    • Good Woman June 6, 2015 / 9:53 am

      Thanks for your comment. When I was growing up in the upper midwest we saw wild mushrooms all the time. But they are an unusual sight in New Mexico’s dry climate. It was a surprise to find them in our flower bed.

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    • Good Woman June 6, 2015 / 9:54 am

      Thank you. Credit for the flowers themselves goes to my sister who spends a lot of time nurturing the plants in our garden. But I enjoy sharing them. And I am feeling great.

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  6. Lutheranliar June 1, 2015 / 5:58 am

    Reading you makes me feel calm and collected. Thank you for taking the time to continue. I too have a daughter (24). And I also work, though not as hard as you, it seems. I am a freelance writer. What do you do, I wonder? We are almost exactly the same age, BTW.

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  7. Good Woman June 6, 2015 / 9:58 am

    Thank you. That is a very nice complement. We seem to have a lot in common, not the least of which is our Midwest roots. I work as a business analyst in an IT shop in the public sector. Since the organization I work under is very public I prefer not to identify it. Usually at this point in time I work pretty much a 40-hour week but not when we are rolling out new programs.


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