Casual Friday – 5/29/15

imageOn Fridays I join Amie of Amie Writes for Casual Friday, a post “with no structure, no rules, no prompts, anything goes.” Check out her blog, and join us in observing Casual Friday if you would like.

I knew it would be an exceptionally busy couple of weeks for me. In my Casual Friday post last week I mentioned that I would have to work most of the three day weekend but I would definitely not work on Monday.  I ended up being under the weather so I slept a lot during the entire weekend but worked in between. As a result I didn’t get everything done that I needed to do and I did have to work on Memorial Day. But we will meet our deadline.Casual Friday Boots

I have not had a moment to read any blogs or respond to messages but I will take a quick moment to at least say that all is well with me and mine. I started this post Friday evening but then abandoned it as a bit of a work emergency took me away. Consequently for the first time my Friday feature is not being published until Saturday, which is still better than my Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday features which did not get published at all.


There are exciting developments in the garden.  We have a pale purple iris in bloom and also  a single clematis blossom. The appearance of mushrooms (toadstools?) is an interesting phenomenon in our garden. We live in a very dry climate that typically would not support mushrooms but this wet spring has actually resulted in clusters of mushrooms. We continue to officially be in drought conditions as a couple of months isn’t enough to erase years of a shortage of rain, but at least now no part of New Mexico is classified as in extreme or exceptional drought. 12% of the state is still in severe drought while where I live is classified as “abnormally dry.”

I did take a little time to “stop and smell the roses”. Hopefully my life will never be too busy to prevent me from doing that.


Here’s hoping that most of you will have a weekend that is filled with whatever your heart desires.

For me, it is another working weekend.  The positive side is that the clients we are working with are so wonderful and appreciative that it is a delight to be able to work with them.

In the Dog House

imageHe is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.


I share my home with my sister Mary and two adoring, loyal fur babies of the canine ilk.


I have not properly introduced the two dogs who occupy my heart. I refer to them occasionally on my blog and I have been asked to write about them.

The living being (pet or person) who has shared my living space for the longest is Chelsey, a yellow Labrador retriever. Chelsey came to live with my husband, my daughter and me as a puppy. She was actually a gift from my husband to my daughter. My daughter had long begged to get a dog. Although both my husband and I had dogs growing up, we came from a country setting where there was a lot of space for pets. Keeping a dog in a city did not seem desirable to us although of course many people do it. But when a  friend of my husband’s decided to breed her yellow lab, my husband felt it was the opportunity to get the puppy my daughter desired. Chelsey thus joined our family.

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Casual Friday 4/3/20

Casual Friday BootsOn Fridays I join Amie of Amie Writes for Casual Friday, a post “with no structure, no rules, no prompts, anything goes.”

Sometime I wake up in the morning and just feel good about life and everything that is going on. This morning was one of those mornings.  It has been warm enough that I sleep with the windows open.  The wake up temperature was about 40° outdoors so my bedroom had a bit of chill but the room was filled with fresh air. There was a bit of a breeze and the melodic tones of a  wind chime were floating through the open window. I had a deep-seated feeling of joy and harmony.

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Anais Nin – Words Crush Wednesday Favorite Quotes Challenge

Anais Nin

Anais Nin is an author who began journaling at age 11 and kept it up for 60 years.  Her best known works are her diaries, many of which have been published. This particular quote points out that our perceptions our filtered by our life experiences and who we are as people.  Some people see beauty in almost everything, which is really a reflection of who they are.

imageClick here for information about the Word Crush Wednesday Favorite Quote Challenge.  March is National Women’s History Month so I am using quotes from women this month.

You can find links to other WCW quotes here.

[Photo by Carrie Miller]

Giving Recognition

I am far overdue in recognizing the wonderful blog Grubbs ‘n Critters.  It is one of the first blogs with which I connected when I started blogging in January.  Ann is a long time blogger who touches on a wide variety of topics in her very interesting blog.  I love her tag line, “Life is what happens when you are making other plans.”  How true that is.  Visit her blog and see all that she offers the blogging community.

My recognition of Ann results from her nominating  my blog for the Very Inspiring Blogging Award.  Awkwardly I must state although the nomination gives me the excuse to mention her, very-inspiring-blogger-awardI dot need an excuse. I love her blog. I  must find another way to recognize great blogs without tying it to acceptance of an award that  I may or may not be deserving of.  I think it is wonderful for blogging support to be recognized by others, but for me the significance is not so much in the award but in the opportunity it provides to mention other wonderful blogs that we have discovered.

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My Dream Reader

[The assignment for Blogging 101 tells me to write a blog directed to my ideal reader.  I have thought about it all day and decided that I am probably going to cop out on this assignment because if I don’t know where this blog is going how can I know who the ideal reader would be?  But because this aspiring good woman also wants to be a good student I will do due diligence and attempt to complete the task.]

Dear Dream Reader,

I am in the process of determining the direction of my blog so you will find the topics I choose to write about will be varied and perhaps not very cohesive.  But having spent an entire career in a field with rigid rules, the freedom to do be able to include whatever topic in my blog is refreshing!  I hope you will appreciate the randomness you might find in this  blog.   Like me, I expect you are also exploring avenues and adventures to follow in your life. For me, even at age 60+, I find that I am still striving to see what else I want in life.

One thing I have always marveled at and appreciated (and I trust you do to) is the ability of people to create by their own hands, whether it be a painting, a piece of woodworking, a sculpture, a photo, ceramics, a delectable dish, needlework,  crafts, a poem, a story. I am amazed by the work of human hands.  ( I am also amazed by the work of God in his creations but that is another story, although perhaps those are not two separate and distinct things.)

imageIt is because of this appreciation that today I want to share my latest and largest counted cross stitch project.  It took me 14 months to complete. It’s story and significance will be saved for another time.  It is my hope that this provides a taste of what might be found in this blog and is enough to make you want to come back for another visit.