Do You Remember? – A Tuesday List of Ten

List of 10Technology moves so fast that things that were commonplace just a short time ago have disappeared from current culture. Or if they have not disappeared completely their popularity and use has either declined or changed dramatically. On the other hand, sometimes changes in laws and public opinion have caused the disappearance of some phenomena. A number of things come to mind that were once the norm and now are almost completely non-existent.  Some of them are very recent changes and others are a little older. This week’s List of 10 itemizes some of those changes.

Do You Remember….

1.  Making collect calls? Mostly a relic from before cell phones, a collect call (or reverse charge call) was made and the expense was charged to the person who received the call rather than to the caller.  Collect calls were often placed by people who were away from home and did not have other means to place a call. Today inmates in institutions are among those who are most likely to place collect calls.

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