Do You Remember? Version 3.0 – A Tuesday List of Ten

This week I am posting my third  “Do You Remember?” Tuesday List of Ten. My first “Do You Remember?” list was published on July 7 in which I recalled things that were once prolific but that have disappeared from common use over the last several years. My first post prompted comments about other things that have disappeared which compelled me to do “Do You Remember? – Version 2.0”. After playing hooky from posting for a week, this post was prompted by a few comments on Version 2.0 that listed some things that I had not yet mentioned, so this week I am adding my third “Do You Remember?” post.

I also had one person who stated she was too young for anything on my list. I have constant reminders of my aging so that does not offend me, but I would be amused to know what things she now takes for granted in her young life will soon disappear.  Also is “playing hooky” still used in modern times? Once again I may be dating myself.

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Do You Remember – Version 2.0 – A Tuesday List of Ten

imageLast week I published Do You Remember – A Tuesday List of Ten which was a list of things that have been become nearly obsolete because of changes in technology or social policy over the recent past. The responses from readers listed other things that fit the same category. This week I present a follow-up which includes some responses from readers as well as other items that were omitted from the first list.

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