In the Nap of Luxury

imageA wintry storm had been forecast. Snow fell over night. The landscape looked  clean and beautiful with the newly fallen snow. Like any other typical week day I got myself up and dressed and went off to work.

It snowed all morning.  The office closed at noon and we were sent home. On the short, five-minute drive home I contemplated how to spend this precious block of unexpected, unscheduled time.  I could spend uninterrupted hours reading my current mystery novel.  Or stitching on my latest counted cross stitch project.  Or working a jigsaw puzzle.  Or playing in the snow with the dogs.  Long ago, back in my teaching days in Wisconsin when I was single, there were typically several snow days each winter.  I made up my mind then that I would not use a snow day working on either schoolwork or on chores around home. I decided the day was a precious gift and I would treat it as luxury free time and spend it doing something that I really enjoy. During my marriage and while raising a child, my time wasn’t really my own so I did not have the same freedom.  Now that I am a widowed empty nester, I once again have adopted the approach from my teaching days.

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