Casual Friday – 5/1/15

Casual Friday BootsOn Fridays I join Amie of Amie Writes for Casual Friday, a post “with no structure, no rules, no prompts, anything goes.” Check out her blog, and join us in observing Casual Friday if you would like.

Another week and another month in the books.

As I frequently ask, where does the time go?

We had an interesting weather week. From rain and snow on Saturday and very cold weather through Wednesday, it finally warmed up and Thursday was a beautiful day. Another beautiful day is promised today and the whole weekend should be great with highs in the 70’s. That is my favorite weather.  The last frost day here is thought to be around May 9, and many people follow a rule to not plant anything tender until Mother’s Day. A quick look at the internet shows later recommended dates this year, with one county extension agent suggested not planting tomatoes until after June 1. My gardener (in the guise of my sister) has been spending a lot of time outdoors working the soil and moving established plants from one area to another. We have very little grass in our landscape as we accommodate dry conditions and continuing water issues, but I did have to cut grass this week.

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Sister, Sister – Throwback Thursday A Day Late

imageMy sister Carol turned 65 yesterday.

I happen to be 63 so she is a much older sister. And I remind her of that every chance I get.

Carol is the sister with whom I made mud pies and with whom I shared a room when we were growing up.

She was always petite and small-boned while I was the big, strapping girl. I was taller and heavier as far back as I can remember. As younger sisters often do, I annoyed her greatly. We would get into physical scrapes. My mom told me more than once that I had to be careful with Carol. I was so much bigger than she was and I could really hurt her. Couldn’t my mom see that Carol was like a bantam rooster, fierce, stubborn and relentless? And that she had the upper hand in almost every dispute?

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Child’s Play

imageThe things that keep children most entertained are often not the expensive flashy toys, but rather simple things found around the house. Very young children can be absolutely delighted playing with pots and pans, or cardboard boxes. As a young child in the 50’s, I certainly did not have the  quantity of toys that American middle class children have today. But I was never bored. I always found a way to entertain myself. In my case I was aided by having seven brothers and sisters although the oldest of my brothers were too mature (and too cool) to play some child’s games.

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