Always and Forever

Top Ten TuesdayThis weeks’ Top Ten Tuesday list is things that will always and forever be part of your life. Perhaps we should know better than to say we will definitely, beyond the shadow of a doubt, no matter what, always do something. After all, we cannot know what life holds in store for us. However, these would be things that we can’t imagine a circumstance or scenario in which we would not keep these things within our behavior pattern.  Items on the list might not all be positive.  For example, my list includes worrying which I would prefer not to do, but realistically I know I always will.  The idea is to quickly come up with ten things (in no particular order) that fit this category. If you wish join me by coming up with your own list.

Ten Things I Will Always Do

  1. I will always go to church regularly.
  2. I will always pray.
  3. I will always worry about my loved ones’ physical and emotional well-being.
  4. I will always read books for leisure.
  5. I will always cross stitch
  6. I will always cry at funerals, weddings and sometimes just because I need a good cry.
  7. I will always laugh uproariously when anything strikes me as hilarious.
  8. I will always enjoy the beauty of nature, sunrises, sunsets and clouds.
  9. I will always feel grateful and blessed for the wonderful people who are part of my life.
  10. I will always appreciate the creative efforts of others.

Would any items on my list be shared on your list?


Meandering Through the World of Blog

In my Blogging 101 class I am learning about being a good neighbor in the blogging world, including visiting different sites, adding sites to follow and sharing information from different blogs.  I have found so many interesting blogs, and even though sometimes have no interest in some of the topics and back right out, I am broadening my interest base.  It truly amazes me how the blogging world represents such a diverse range of interests, topics and passions.  I feel somewhat like a kid in a candy store, moving from one delectable blog to another, reading one blog which gives me an interesting link to another blog,  clicking on it and finding a link to yet another one that I must read.  I become hopelessly lost and never find my way back to the first one that grabbed my attention.  I spend so much time sightseeing that I forget I have an assignment to do.

Back to the task at hand which is to expound on an intriguing blog that we had found and commented on.  This blog post Celebrate is a motivational post telling the reader, “You are really great.”  It should be encouraging to people who might feel that they do not have much intrinsic value.  It encourages them to celebrate themselves.  Heaven knows we need more positivity in the world.

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