Things I Wish I’d Figured Out Sooner – A Tuesday List of Ten

List of 10

Many of us go through life experiencing a great deal of angst and emotional upheaval. If we are lucky, eventually we figure some things out. We realize if only we had known these things sooner we could have spared ourselves a lot of stress. I am still learning everyday and there could be many other things on this list but I have to limit it to ten items.

This week’s Tuesdays List of Ten is 10 Things I Wish I Figured Out Sooner (in no particular order):

  1. I can choose happiness.
  2. Things have a way of working out one way or another.
  3. Worrying about something does not help one bit to resolve an issue and will not change an outcome.
  4. I can’t change another person. I can only change how I choose to react to them.
  5. People (and things) who cause me nothing but stress and trauma do not need to be kept in my life.
  6. Bad things will happen but the perspective I choose to take will influence the eventual outcome.
  7. Sometimes a good cry is all that is needed to help a situation seem better.
  8. Learning to laugh at myself stops me from taking myself too seriously.
  9. Laughing with other people, a deep, hard, can’t-catch-your-breath kind of laughter, is the best, feel good thing.
  10. Having faith and praying helps me deal with every obstacle I might face.

What lessons have you learned in your life that would have helped things to go more smoothly if you had only known them sooner?

Join me if you would like by posting your own “10 Things I Wish I Figured Out Sooner” on your blog, or simply add a comment to my post.

Housekeeping item: I am changing the name of my weekly list. It will no longer be named a Top Ten Tuesday list. I will still publish it on Tuesday  It will still be a list of ten items. However, the name “Top Ten” implies that the items on the list are in some kind of ranked order which they are not.  They are in random order and are frequently just a brain-stormed list. Many times people who comment made additions to the list that were better than those I came up with originally. “Top Ten” does not seem to be an accurate name. The list is now called a “Tuesday List of Ten” which is not as catchy of a name but it seems more honest.