Valentine Hand-made Craft Ideas – A Top Ten Tuesday List

Tuesday's Top Ten
Tuesday’s Top Ten

For today’s Top Ten List I honor Valentine’s day by sharing some home-made craft and food ideas dedicated to the day of love.  I am a pushover for hand-crafted, made with love, home-made gifts and decorations, the kind that takes time and thought.  There are many other ideas available and I am not implying that these are automatically the best.  These are 10 that caught my eye but there are many others deserving of mention.  I would love to see this list be increased by having additional sites and ideas added in Comments.

  1.  A Valentine’s Tea Party.   A mom and her daughter have a valentine’s tea party including crafting.  Check out Eileen B. Jennings website.
  2. Handmade Valentines.  Who does not love getting home- made valentine cards specially created by a much loved child? Bean & Bantam offers great cards using the outline of the child’s hand.  And Off the Waller shares another idea.
  3. A Valentine’s Wreath.  In the blog A Wandaful Thing, a crafty idea for a Valentine’s Wreath is presented.
  4. Bay Rose Sugar Scrub.  Having been a recipient of some home made sugar scrub this past Christmas, and absolutely loving it, this crafty idea from My Glamour Temptation seems so neat.  Of course, maybe it can’t be made until after the Valentine rose bouquet has run its course, but it is still a great Valentine’s DYI idea.
  5. Knitted Hearts.  If your special talent is knitting, a cute idea for knitting little hearts is presented in Knits by Sachi.
  6. Crocheted Hearts.  If I include a knitted heart, I must also include a crocheted heart.  The Agrarian Artisan shares a valentine heart.
  7. Valentine Garlands.  Aixie’s Space presents a heart garland as valentine decor.
  8. Cross stitched hearts.  Because I am a stitcher, I have to include at least one link to a cross-stitched design.  Stitcheroo My Darling provides a link to a pretty freebie.
  9. Love Posts.  Callie & Chef presents a ribbon of daily post-its for the month of February.
  10. Homemade Valentines Food/Gifts.   There are great food ideas among the blogs so I am going to list some of the great ideas I found which are all links to the site and recipe.

Once I started to compile my list of 10 sites I realized how impossible it is to say these are the greatest. There are a lot of great ideas to choose from.  I would love to see other ideas or sites added in comments.