Falsely Accused – Throwback Thursday

Last week I discussed what was going on in 1970, the year I graduated from high school. That got me doing a lot of reminiscing about what my life was like in high school. Memories came back that I have not thought about for a long time.

imageI had a job at a drive-in restaurant where I worked about 15 hours a week.  Along with school and school activities and chores on the farm I was busy enough.

I had a strained relationship with my mother especially during my senior year. She was a very hard-working person who was really tied to the farm and housework. She always wanted me to do more to contribute to the family. I was more interested in my school activities and my social life. We constantly clashed about that. My mom developed the belief that I was very wild, immoral and out of control. I really think she thought I would get pregnant which was not close to reality as I wasn’t sexually active. Continue reading