Celtic Angel – A Stitched Project

[ A regular Saturday feature on my blog will be sharing projects that I have completed or are in progress. Today I share a counted cross stitch angel that I completed in 2005.] image

The Celtic Angel was a design selected by my daughter.  She found it on one of the shopping trips that she was forced to endure early in her teenage years.  She admired it greatly and viewed it as a celebration of her Irish roots.  I later went back to the store and purchased it in order to make it for her as a gift.

I had to stitch the project on the sly so she would be surprised. Whenever she was at dance class or at church functions I would furiously work on the project. When she went somewhere with her dad, he would always call me when they were on the way home so I had time to hide evidence of my work.  It was probably the only time in my daughter’s life that it was I encouraging her to go out with her friends so I could have the stitching time.  I was traveling occasionally for my job at that time and during the nights in the hotel you would find me stitching on this project.  She was absolutely delighted when she received it as a gift for her 16th birthday.

A Celtic angel, just another thread of my life.

Celtic Angel designed by Barbara Baatz for The American School of Needlework, part of  the Cross Stitch Masterpiece Collection.  Out of Print.
imageimage  image

My Dream Reader

[The assignment for Blogging 101 tells me to write a blog directed to my ideal reader.  I have thought about it all day and decided that I am probably going to cop out on this assignment because if I don’t know where this blog is going how can I know who the ideal reader would be?  But because this aspiring good woman also wants to be a good student I will do due diligence and attempt to complete the task.]

Dear Dream Reader,

I am in the process of determining the direction of my blog so you will find the topics I choose to write about will be varied and perhaps not very cohesive.  But having spent an entire career in a field with rigid rules, the freedom to do be able to include whatever topic in my blog is refreshing!  I hope you will appreciate the randomness you might find in this  blog.   Like me, I expect you are also exploring avenues and adventures to follow in your life. For me, even at age 60+, I find that I am still striving to see what else I want in life.

One thing I have always marveled at and appreciated (and I trust you do to) is the ability of people to create by their own hands, whether it be a painting, a piece of woodworking, a sculpture, a photo, ceramics, a delectable dish, needlework,  crafts, a poem, a story. I am amazed by the work of human hands.  ( I am also amazed by the work of God in his creations but that is another story, although perhaps those are not two separate and distinct things.)

imageIt is because of this appreciation that today I want to share my latest and largest counted cross stitch project.  It took me 14 months to complete. It’s story and significance will be saved for another time.  It is my hope that this provides a taste of what might be found in this blog and is enough to make you want to come back for another visit.