The Year 1952 – Throwback Thursday

I follow a blog The 1951 Club which celebrates all things associated with 1951. That blog gave me the germ of an idea to report on 1952, the year in which I was born.

The most important event in 1952 for me was being born. OK. That probably is not extremely significant to everyone else, but for me it is where everything starts. Without that event nothing else would really matter to me.

Many other significant things also took place in 1952. I very much enjoyed compiling these facts.

The president of the United States was Harry S. Truman. In November election Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected as Truman’s successor, defeating Illinois governor Adlai Stevenson. Other world leaders were Sir Winston Churchill in Great Britain and Joseph Stalin in Russia/Soviet Union. Stalin’s official title was Chairman of the Council of People’s Commisar. John F. Kennedy was elected U.S. Senator.

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The One Room School-House – Throwback Thursday

I started school at a one-room school-house a few miles from our Wisconsin farm. Grades one through five were all taught in the same room by the same teacher.

I look back at the experience with nostalgia.

imageThere were 8 students in my first grade class which was by far the largest class in the school. There were 4 second graders and three third graders. If my memory is correct there were 4 fourth graders and 5 fifth graders. Of the eight students in first grade only two of us were girls. The first graders were dismissed for recess earlier than the other grades. I had only the one girl to play with. Unfortunately, she moved away in the fall of the year and I was then the only girl. I did not look forward to recess anymore. I would have been fine playing with the boys since I had five brothers, but the six boys in my class saw no reason to include a girl in their play.

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Party Lines – Throwback Thursday

A nostalgic trip back to the 50’s has to include a discussion of life before cell phones, smart phones, instant messaging, Twitter, Instagram and all those new-fangled gadgets that we take for granted these days. The advances in communication over the last 50 years are truly remarkable.

image My family got their first telephone in the 1950’s. It was one of those oak, wall-mounted boxes with a crank handle. It was rather complicated to use and I don’t think anyone besides my mother ever used it. To use it the receiver was picked up and the crank was turned a certain number of times. The caller would be connected with the switchboard operator. She would be given the name or number of the person being called and make the connection. In the earliest days the numbers would be just a 3 digit number, like 3-9-7. Continue reading