Grieving Woman

imageI was blind-sided today in a way I never expected.  (Although I guess if it was expected it would not be called a blind-side).  I found myself sobbing uncontrollably because a memory that was dormant for a long time came to the surface.

My dearly beloved passed away from lung cancer 8 years ago.  The grieving process successfully brought me healing.  When I think of him now I recall him with fondness and love, not with pain.  It is rare that some sight, sound, or piece of news evokes sadness.  Very often a smile comes to my face when I recall him and the time we shared.

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93,100 Stitches of Love

I am a stitcher.  I have worked many pieces that I have gifted to people with mixed results. My latest completion was one of great success. It brought the recipients to tears and their reaction brought me to tears.

I inherited 5 step children when I got married.  The youngest of the children, a boy, had 4 boys of his own.  Tragedy struck the family when the father, my stepson, was killed in a car accident in 2008. Then his wife, the mother of the children, was killed in an accident in 2013.  At that time the boys were 13, 17, 21 and 25. The oldest of the boys who was out on his own took in his two youngest brothers. The second son was in college.

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