Gates We Have Known – A Quiz – Throwback Thursday

imageYesterday the initial hearing was held in the law suit between the National Football League and the Player’s Association which centers around the punishment for footballs being under-inflated in a football game.  At one point, the judge was reported to have said, “This ‘Deflategate’. I’m not sure where the ‘gate’ comes from.”

No doubt the judge was being facetious as the word “gate” is commonly used to denote scandals in politics, sports and other arenas.  Its use started with the granddaddy of them all, the Watergate scandal of the early 1970’s. Since then it has been used scores of time, the latest being the continuing National Football League scandal dubbed “Deflategate”.

Today my Throwback Thursday post is in the form of a quiz, where the names of some “Gate” scandals can be matched with the description of the scandal.


  1. 2015 – Sports – The New England Patriots allegedly deflated footballs to be used in a game below the league regulations for required air pressure for game balls.
  2. 2014 – American Politics – The administration of New Jersey governor Christie is accused of causing a road construction traffic jam in retaliation to the mayor of Fort Lee who did not endorse Christie in his re-election bid.
  3. 2012 – Sports – The New Orleans Saints was found to have a bounty system where players were paid for bad hits and injuries to opposing players.
  4. 2011 – American Politics – A New York congressman was found to text indecent photographs of himself.
  5. 2010 – Journalism – A collection of classified State Department cables are published by WikiLeaks.
  6. 2009 – Sports – A professional golfer admits to a series of extramarital affairs.
  7. 2008 – American Politics – Alaska Governor Sarah Palin allegedly fired the state’s public safety director for failing to comply with the governor’s demand to fire her ex-brother-in-law.
  8. 2007 – Sports – The New England Patriots were punished after illegally filming signals from the sideline of an opposing team.
  9. 2006 – Journalism – Two published photos from the Lebanon – Iran conflict were digitally altered.
  10. 2004 – Entertainment – A wardrobe malfunction during the half time show at the Super Bowl resulted in Janet Jackson’s breast being briefly revealed to the television audience.
  11. 2004 – Journalism – Forged memos were used to discredit George W. Bush’s military record which led to the resignation of the CBS Evening News anchor.
  12. 2003 – American Politics – The name of a CIA spy is made public after her husband criticized the Bush administration in a published editorial.
  13. 2001 – American Politics – President Clinton pardoned 140 persons and commuted 36 sentences on one day before he left office.
  14. 1998 – American Politics – The U.S. President is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with an intern.
  15. 1993 – American Politics – The revelation that presidential nominees for attorney generally had illegally employed immigrants which led the individuals to withdraw their names from consideration.
  16. 1980 – American Politics – In the presidential campaign, Ronald Reagan gained access to Jimmy Carter’s briefing papers to be used in their only debate.
  17. 1972 – 1974 – American Politics – a burglary of the Democratic National Party headquarters started a series of revelations leading to the ultimate resignation of President Nixon.

And the names attached to the scandals:

  • A. Bountygate
  • B. Bridgegate
  • C. Cablegate
  • D. Debategate
  • E. Deflategate
  • F. Lewinskygate
  • G. Nannygate
  • H. Nipplegate
  • I. Pardongate
  • J. Plamegate
  • K. Rathergate
  • L. Reutersgate
  • M. Spygate
  • N. Tigergate
  • O. Troopergate
  • P. Watergate
  • Q. Weinergate

Answers: 1 – E. Deflategate; 2 – B. Bridgegate; 3 – A. Bountygate; 4 – Q. Weinergate; 5 – C. Cablegate; 6 – N. Tigergate; 7 – O. Troopergate;  8 – M. Spygate; 9 – L. Reutergate; 10 – H. Nipplegate; 11 – K. Rathergate; 12 – J. Plamegate; 13 – I. Pardongate; 14 – F. Lewinskygate; 15 – G. Nannygate; 16 – D. Debategate; 17 – P. Watergate


Do You Remember? – A Tuesday List of Ten

List of 10Technology moves so fast that things that were commonplace just a short time ago have disappeared from current culture. Or if they have not disappeared completely their popularity and use has either declined or changed dramatically. On the other hand, sometimes changes in laws and public opinion have caused the disappearance of some phenomena. A number of things come to mind that were once the norm and now are almost completely non-existent.  Some of them are very recent changes and others are a little older. This week’s List of 10 itemizes some of those changes.

Do You Remember….

1.  Making collect calls? Mostly a relic from before cell phones, a collect call (or reverse charge call) was made and the expense was charged to the person who received the call rather than to the caller.  Collect calls were often placed by people who were away from home and did not have other means to place a call. Today inmates in institutions are among those who are most likely to place collect calls.

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The Non-Bucket List – Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday Each Tuesday I publish a list relating to a random topic that strikes my fancy.  The idea is to quickly come up with a list of ten things (in no particular order) that fits a category. 

The Top Ten Things Not on My Bucket List

Developing a bucket list is somewhat in vogue these days.  I do not have a specific list of things that I want to do while I am still on this earth. However, I do have several things that I know I definitely do not want to do.  Ever.  For everyone who has these things on their bucket list I wish you luck and I hope you have every opportunity to successfully accomplish them.  I just won’t be joining you.  With every apology to those who have aspirations to do these things, you will never find me doing the following:

  1. Bungee Jumping – I am afraid of heights and could not force myself to bungee jump.
  2. Sky Diving – See #1.
  3. Raising Chickens – I have never gotten over my fear of chickens after terrible childhood experiences with roosters.  (See The Attack Rooster)
  4. Driving a Race Car – I don’t need speed in my life and would be a nervous wreck.
  5. Swimming with Sharks – I never learned to swim and if I were to learn I would not do it with sharks.
  6. Running for Public Office – I am an introvert and the campaigning would be impossible for me.
  7. Running a Marathon – My poor arthritic knees would be tortured.
  8. Getting Married Again – I loved being married but now that I am widowed I also love my independent life.
  9. Being on a Reality TV Show – I love watching many reality TV shows such as Survivor and Amazing Race, but I never in a million years would want to expose myself to some of the incredible things contestants are required to do..
  10. Chase a Tornado – Tornadoes scare me to death.  They can be so destructive and I would choose to stay as far away from one as possible.  The same thing goes for hurricanes, cyclones and other violent weather events.

What are things that would never be on your bucket list? See other Top Ten Tuesday lists here.