Tim Gunn- A Words Crush Wednesday Favorite Quote Challenge


Among the people who have a birthday on July 29 is Tim Gunn, the American clothing designer, educator and fashion consultant who came to national attention through the television show, Project Runway.

Project Runway is one of my favorite television shows. It might be the seamstress in me who can easily follow a pattern but who would fail miserably if I had to design something on my own. It might be my love of fabrics and threads. It might be the interesting personalities that are showcased among the designers. It might be the fabric buying trips to Mood. Or maybe it is Tim Gunn who I think is a classy and sophisticated yet real person.

Like me, Tim Gunn is an introvert. His quote which depicts the importance of surrounding ourselves with the right people refutes a common misconception about introverts. It is not that introverts shun all people. Introverts need good relationships with others, perhaps only a select few but we still need those relationships.

Tim Gunn’s famous line to all his designers is “Make It Work.”

That is something we all need to do as we face challenges in life. We must “make it work.”

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My Favorite Past-Times. A Tuesday List of Ten

List of 10I have many interests. There is a variety of things that I like to do when I have time for myself. Since I am an introvert most of my preferred activities are solo activities or things to be done with a small group of people. You won’t find things on my list that involve crowds and constant interaction with others.  I also have the kind of job where I have frequent interaction with people at a rather fast pace. This is another reason why I prefer quiet activities when I have free time.

After my husband passed away, my high-school aged daughter told me that I had to get a life. She felt sorry for me staying at home when I wasn’t working, although I was quite content. Now that she also has embraced being an introvert she also appreciates the time when she can be home alone.

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Introverts Unite!

image I am an introvert.  I always have been and always will be.

There was a time when I struggled with being an introvert.  I longed to be the person who was always confident and charming in social situations, who could easily speak off the cuff without having to be prepared ahead of time, to not feel awkward when I was in a new situation, to be able to escape to that place where I could rejuvenate and be reflective without being thought of as anti-social.

People who know me (but not real well) and who have seen me in my professional life where I sometimes have to make presentations to large numbers of people do not understand that I am an introvert.  They see me as someone who is extremely competent which does not meld with their ideas of an introvert.  But they do not see the inner tug of war and the intense preparation I do to make myself come off as competent.  They see that in social situations with large groups of my colleagues I am quiet and withdrawn, but still they do not recognize that as being an aspect of being introverted.

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