Tom Brady and Watergate – Throwback Thursday

A recent headline in the world of the National Football League has been the punishment meted out to Tom Brady, the New England Patriot’s quarterback, for his alleged involvement in deflating game footballs and the suggested coverup. Last week the NFL commissioner announced that he was upholding the 4 game suspension of Tom Brady. The matter has been dubbed “Deflategate”.

This┬ápost isn’t about whether the suspension is proper or not or even if Brady was actually involved. I will let others sort that out.

There have been headlines and articles that compare Deflategate to Watergate, the political scandal of the early 1970’s that led to the probable impeachment and subsequent resignation of President Richard Nixon. Last week I saw headlines like “Brady’s Deflategate the Nixon to Watergate”; “Tom Brady and Richard Nixon: Gates of a Feather”; and “Tom Brady and Richard Nixon Share More Than Just the Word ‘Gate’.”

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