The Quest for Wall Art

imageMy home is the place to where I escape at the end of the day. After putting in my allotted time at a job that keeps me overly busy, I relish coming to the place like no other where I can recover from the stress and mentally regroup.

Our style of decor is somewhat eclectic, not at all showy.  Our home feels clean but lived in.  The varying items that grace our walls result from a blend of two separate homes. After my husband passed away I invited my sister, who had become disabled, to move across country to live with me.  She happily obliged. Her decorating tastes are very modern while mine are quite traditional so it was interesting exercise for us to agree on what would be displayed on our walls.  She had sold or given away much of her possessions prior to the move, so I knew the things that she brought with her were extremely important to her and they would be displayed.  Bit by bit some of my things disappeared from the walls to make way for her items.  That was not a problem because none of the items I gave up were of a personal nature.

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