6 Months in the Blogging World

Wow.  I have been doing this blogging business for 6 whole months. When I created my first post and signed up for the WordPress Blogging 101 class I really didn’t know where this adventure would take me. At the time, part of my motivation was to learn what I could in order to help someone else figure out her blog. At this point she has not published anything on her blog for months while I seem to be completely smitten with the blogging process.

Here I am and loving almost every minute of it.

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My Take on Blogging Awards

I published the first post on my blog on January 7, 2015.  I received my first blogging award nomination on January 22.  I appreciated the nomination for the affirmation that my blog had been noticed,  but it did not make me think that I have a superior or exceptionally special blog. There is no voting process so at most it is one person who thinks my blog is deserving.  I was grateful for the nomination because the award process is an excellent way to build blog traffic for myself, for the person who nominated me and for the blogs I chose to nominate.

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