Interesting Facts About Books – A Top Ten Tuesday List

Top Ten Tuesday

Celebrate books!

April 23 is International World Book and Copyright Day sponsored by UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization). According to the UNESCO website, the day “is an opportunity to recognize the power of books to change our lives for the better and to support books and those who produce them.”

My Tuesday list this week consists of interesting facts about books or authors. To present only 10 facts about this topic is somewhat ludicrous. It is somewhat akin to taking 10 drops of water from an ocean and claiming the sample you obtain is representative of all the oceans in the world.

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Drop Everything and Read

imageApril 12 is a celebration for all of us who love reading and who love books.

It is D.E.A.R. day – Drop Everything and Read.

Really. A day is set aside for reading.  For those of us who claim that we never have enough time, this is the day to put any excuses aside and spend the whole day reading. We should not feel guilty about it or think of things that we are not getting done. We should just read.

In a book Ramona Quigley, Age 8 the author Beverly Cleary introduced the idea of D.E.A.R. Since then the day has been celebrated on Beverly Cleary’s birthday. Continue reading

The Worst Things That Can Happen to a Book Lover – Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten TuesdayMy Top Ten Tuesday list this week is not my original work.  It derives from a BuzzFeed list of 26 Worst Things Than Can Happen to a Book Lover.  Since my list consists of only 10 items I have pared the list down to those things that I personally feel are the worst of the worst. That task was not easy because there are a lot of really good items on the list, and perhaps one or two of my own that I could have added.  A lot of these issues would no longer be a problem for me if I were to join the e-book movement, but alas, I am one of those people who still prefers reading a physical copy of a book.  The feel, the heft, the weight, the smell, the page-turning, highlighting favorite parts, writing comments in the margin, easily going back to a previous passage, etc. are all things I enjoy and do not want to give up. Therefore, I am likely to have some of these things happen to me yet again.

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