Pet Peeves – A Tuesday List of Ten

Some weeks ago in response to a challenge I posted the list Ten Things I Love and Ten Things I Hate. Today’s List of Ten is a list of my pet peeves. To me pet peeves and things I hate are not the same. Hate may be too strong of a word but to me hate implies a deep, enduring, intense aversion or loathing. They are likely the kind of thing that truly infuriate me sadden me to know that they even exist. They are likely to be things against which I take a strong stand.  Pet peeves on the other hand are extremely irritating and annoying but they are pesky things that you might react to but are not likely significant enough to make a huge issue.  They are more likely to be bad habits or behaviors of another person. You would prefer to not have to deal with them but they are more trivial in the grand scope of things. Pet peeves are more petty than things I hate.

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Casual Friday – July 31, 2015

imageOn Fridays I join Aimee of Aimee Writes for Casual Friday, a post with “no structure, no prompts, no rules, anything goes.” Check out her blog here and join us in Casual Friday if you would like.

It’s the end of another week and unbelievably the end of another month. July is over. We look forward to August which is the month for back to school in many jurisdictions but more importantly for me, since I am well past school age, the start of football! I am a diehard football fan and am so very excited that NFL training camps are starting. That means that the football season cannot be far behind.

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Tim Gunn- A Words Crush Wednesday Favorite Quote Challenge


Among the people who have a birthday on July 29 is Tim Gunn, the American clothing designer, educator and fashion consultant who came to national attention through the television show, Project Runway.

Project Runway is one of my favorite television shows. It might be the seamstress in me who can easily follow a pattern but who would fail miserably if I had to design something on my own. It might be my love of fabrics and threads. It might be the interesting personalities that are showcased among the designers. It might be the fabric buying trips to Mood. Or maybe it is Tim Gunn who I think is a classy and sophisticated yet real person.

Like me, Tim Gunn is an introvert. His quote which depicts the importance of surrounding ourselves with the right people refutes a common misconception about introverts. It is not that introverts shun all people. Introverts need good relationships with others, perhaps only a select few but we still need those relationships.

Tim Gunn’s famous line to all his designers is “Make It Work.”

That is something we all need to do as we face challenges in life. We must “make it work.”

imageOn Wednesdays I participate in Words Crush Wednesday Favorite Quote Challenge hosted by Rebirth of Lisa.

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Do You Remember? Version 3.0 – A Tuesday List of Ten

This week I am posting my third  “Do You Remember?” Tuesday List of Ten. My first “Do You Remember?” list was published on July 7 in which I recalled things that were once prolific but that have disappeared from common use over the last several years. My first post prompted comments about other things that have disappeared which compelled me to do “Do You Remember? – Version 2.0”. After playing hooky from posting for a week, this post was prompted by a few comments on Version 2.0 that listed some things that I had not yet mentioned, so this week I am adding my third “Do You Remember?” post.

I also had one person who stated she was too young for anything on my list. I have constant reminders of my aging so that does not offend me, but I would be amused to know what things she now takes for granted in her young life will soon disappear.  Also is “playing hooky” still used in modern times? Once again I may be dating myself.

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Finally…A Finish – A Saturday Stitching Post

Completed Bunnies I am happy dancing this morning because I have finally finished stitching my longest ever ongoing project.

I have posted about this project before. My latest post on this topic can be seen here. I had started it many years ago and then had put it away to work on other projects. I had made a mistake which was going to cause me to undo quite a few stitches. Every time I thought about taking that on I lost enthusiasm. It languished unfinished for many years.

imageIn March of this year as spring time weather was putting me in the mood I thought about spring time projects that I had stitched. This unfinished project came to mind and I dug it out. I made up my mind that I would not work on any other projects until I had finished this one. It still took me some time but I am very happy that I have finished the stitching.

I will next decide on the frame that I will use. I have every intention of getting it framed and on display relatively quickly, before the summer season passes.

imageNow that I have accomplished my goal I can get excited about other projects that are waiting in the wings. Perhaps I will work on some Christmas stitching projects that I want to do, or there’s an autumn sampler that I have been thinking about. Then there is another long-term project of a hummingbird afghan that perhaps deserves some attention…. The possibilities are endless.  Of course, I might take some time off from stitching and catch up on my reading or blogging or countless other interests.

imageRealistically and in all honesty, I am not likely to take time off from stitching completely. Stitching is my therapy, my calming activity, the quiet time pursuit when I feel most content, my stress reducer.  We all need that kind of release. I must warn though that it cross stitch is not a pursuit for everyone. It requires much attention to detail and patience. I love seeing the designs evolve on fabric, but it definitely is not something that gives instant gratification. Still, I think everyone should give it a try.

imageStay tuned to find out what I choose to work on next. I will post a picture of the finished, framed project but meanwhile I am off to review frame possibilities and potential next projects.

[Project Details: Hide and Seek from  For the Love of Cross Stitch, May 2001.  Design worked on 32 count antique white linen using 2 strands of DMC floss over 2 fabric threads.]

Casual Friday – 7/24/15

imageOn Fridays I join Aimee of Aimee Writes for Casual Friday, a post with “no structure, no prompts, no rules, anything goes.” Check out her blog here and join us in Casual Friday if you would like.

I have been absent from the blogging world this week. Everything is fine but I just made a decision to concentrate on my cross stitch project during my free time this week. I have written about struggling to balance blogging with my other interests. This week as I near completing a long-term cross stitch project I decided to concentrate on it. I have almost finished the stitching. As a matter of fact, I think I have about another hour’s worth of stitching to do. Hopefully I will finish that in the morning so I can feature it in my Saturday Stitching Post tomorrow. But anyway, I decided to forego my blog this week so I could complete the project.

Casual Friday BootsI am sure that it is already Saturday for many of my blog followers but I still have a bit of time left of Friday so I think I will manage to get this published on my Friday.

I spent most of my work week in a training class so it was a departure from my normal routine. After the training finished on Thursday afternoon I was plenty busy with the work I couldn’t get done while in training. The weekend once again is upon me before I am ready for it.  But then Monday morning will also be here before I am ready for it.

A new building is being built immediately adjacent to my office building with construction starting on Monday. My office is on the side of the building locating right next to the construction site and my window looks out upon the site. Up until now I have had a view of a vacant lot with occasional sightings of small animals. Soon my view will be of construction. I expect I will be experiencing months of construction noise. Hopefully it will not be too bad.

I got a notice this week that my doctor is retiring. She has been my doctor for the four years that I have lived here and I really liked her. I am not someone who goes to the doctor very often but I have appreciated her approach and her bedside manner. I will stay with the same medical group but I am not looking forward to starting over with a new doctor. Maybe I like this doctor so much because she is close to my age. Has anyone else noticed that doctors are getting younger and younger these days? I recall the first time that I went to a doctor who was younger than I was. It was perhaps the first time I thought about my own aging.

The newspaper reported this week that a very small part of the state of New Mexico is still considered to be in the state of drought. Our wet weather has really improved conditions but the water table is still not back to normal. We had more rain one night this week and also some weather that was quite warm. It is summer in New Mexico and I have to expect the heat, but our summer has been much more comfortable than typical.

Rufous hummingbirds, the most territorial of all hummingbirds have made their appearance at our feeders. They aggressively chase away other hummingbirds that come near. I was relaxing on my deck talking on the phone earlier in the week and the hummingbirds were having a bit of warfare above my head. They got awful close to me as they chased one another away and ultimately I went back into the house to escape.

Lantana is blossoming in the garden with its clusters of tiny flowers in red, orange and yellow. It is a flower that does very well in this climate.

Wishing everyone will have a pleasant weekend.

Country Geese Sampler – A Saturday Stitching Post

Historically, samplers were a demonstration or a test of skill in needlework. Girls raised in a genteel fashion were expected to develop skills in the needle arts. A sampler would be composed of alphabets, motifs, verses and decorative borders done in a variety of stitches. The name of the person who worked it as well as the date were often included.

Modern samplers come in a variety of designs and is a style preferred by many stitchers. I am very interested in samplers.  However, I have only worked one during my long term cross stitch addiction.

Today I am displaying the one sampler that I completed.  It is a piece that is one of my all time favorites done for myself, but it is no longer displayed in my home.


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Casual Friday – 7/17/2005

Casual Friday BootsOn Fridays I join Aimee of Aimee Writes for Casual Friday, a post with “no structure, no prompts, no rules, anything goes.” Check out her blog here and join us in Casual Friday if you would like.

Another weekend is upon us. It is actually a long weekend for me as I took off work today to take care of some personal business. I started out with my early morning walk and then got my car serviced. Then it was a trip to the retirement office to start some paperwork. I am seriously considering retiring my the end of the year so it is time to get some straight facts about my pension amount, cost of insurance and numerous other details. This was followed by a quick shopping trip to pick up essential items. That filled the morning so in the afternoon I pampered myself with a nap.

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Will I See You in September? – A Throwback Thursday Post

imageThere is something about the summer months that fills me with nostalgia. I reminisce and recall memories of the many summers gone by. For much of my life, first as a student and then for 11 years as a teacher, summer was a change of routine. There was a definite anticipation for the end of the school year, no matter what the summer plans might have been. The months of summer vacation were filled with different activities, some fun and some not so much. One thing was guaranteed. Over the summer I would not see many of the people who I saw constantly while school was in session. When school ended we would never again see some of the people whom we had spent more than nine months with.  Some of them we would see in September but others would be moving on to another chapter in their lives.

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