Casual Friday – 7/24/15

imageOn Fridays I join Aimee of Aimee Writes for Casual Friday, a post with “no structure, no prompts, no rules, anything goes.” Check out her blog here and join us in Casual Friday if you would like.

I have been absent from the blogging world this week. Everything is fine but I just made a decision to concentrate on my cross stitch project during my free time this week. I have written about struggling to balance blogging with my other interests. This week as I near completing a long-term cross stitch project I decided to concentrate on it. I have almost finished the stitching. As a matter of fact, I think I have about another hour’s worth of stitching to do. Hopefully I will finish that in the morning so I can feature it in my Saturday Stitching Post tomorrow. But anyway, I decided to forego my blog this week so I could complete the project.

Casual Friday BootsI am sure that it is already Saturday for many of my blog followers but I still have a bit of time left of Friday so I think I will manage to get this published on my Friday.

I spent most of my work week in a training class so it was a departure from my normal routine. After the training finished on Thursday afternoon I was plenty busy with the work I couldn’t get done while in training. The weekend once again is upon me before I am ready for it.  But then Monday morning will also be here before I am ready for it.

A new building is being built immediately adjacent to my office building with construction starting on Monday. My office is on the side of the building locating right next to the construction site and my window looks out upon the site. Up until now I have had a view of a vacant lot with occasional sightings of small animals. Soon my view will be of construction. I expect I will be experiencing months of construction noise. Hopefully it will not be too bad.

I got a notice this week that my doctor is retiring. She has been my doctor for the four years that I have lived here and I really liked her. I am not someone who goes to the doctor very often but I have appreciated her approach and her bedside manner. I will stay with the same medical group but I am not looking forward to starting over with a new doctor. Maybe I like this doctor so much because she is close to my age. Has anyone else noticed that doctors are getting younger and younger these days? I recall the first time that I went to a doctor who was younger than I was. It was perhaps the first time I thought about my own aging.

The newspaper reported this week that a very small part of the state of New Mexico is still considered to be in the state of drought. Our wet weather has really improved conditions but the water table is still not back to normal. We had more rain one night this week and also some weather that was quite warm. It is summer in New Mexico and I have to expect the heat, but our summer has been much more comfortable than typical.

Rufous hummingbirds, the most territorial of all hummingbirds have made their appearance at our feeders. They aggressively chase away other hummingbirds that come near. I was relaxing on my deck talking on the phone earlier in the week and the hummingbirds were having a bit of warfare above my head. They got awful close to me as they chased one another away and ultimately I went back into the house to escape.

Lantana is blossoming in the garden with its clusters of tiny flowers in red, orange and yellow. It is a flower that does very well in this climate.

Wishing everyone will have a pleasant weekend.


3 thoughts on “Casual Friday – 7/24/15

  1. Mary-Anne at Breathing Life July 25, 2015 / 10:23 am

    I didn’t know that about rufous hummingbirds – that explains alot of the chasing around our feeder lately.


    • Good Woman July 25, 2015 / 12:48 pm

      The rufous are definitely pretty aggressive. One of the websites I was looking at called them “feisty.” I love watching the hummingbirds at the feeders and this particular variety definitely takes away the tranquility that hummingbirds usually make me feel.


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