Casual Friday – 7/3/15

imageThe month of July has come up from nowhere and blindsided me.  Today July 3 we have passed the midpoint of the year 2015. It is the 184th day of the year with 181 days remaining until the end of the year. I do not spend my time counting down many things, but it is just mind-boggling to think we are more than half way through another year. When I was a teacher, in my mind the 4th of July marked the midpoint of summer vacation. I never really counted the days but it psychologically seemed to be significant.  Memorial Day seems to officially start summer, Labor Day seems to end it and in the middle is Independence Day.Casual Friday Boots

I plan to have a calm three-day weekend. I slept in this morning. Quite remarkably I didn’t wake up until after 8 a.m. Typically even when I plan to sleep in I am up by 7:00. I actually went to bed early last night so it is surprising that I slept that late. After showering, getting dressed,  and reading the newspaper while eating breakfast, I finished a book that I had been reading.  The rest of my day will be spent doing a bit of cleaning, stitching on my ongoing project and blogging.  Minus the cleaning, these are some of my favorite things.

We had wonderful evening rain a couple of nights this week. We had a huge thunder and lightning storm one evening. The dogs get a bit skittish during storms but they are calmed when we wrap blankets around them. You can buy “thunder blankets” specifically for the purpose of calming the dogs’ anxiety but we just use wrap them in regular blankets. This seems to be enough to calm their anxieties. As I work on this post the skies are cloudy and overcast. Perhaps we will get more rain today.

Fireworks can create extreme anxiety in dogs. Be mindful of your pets. It is good idea to keep dogs inside during fireworks celebrations. We once had a dog (a dachshund/ corgi mix) who was extremely intolerant of any loud noises. She always retreated into my walk- in closet when ever there was a storm, a siren or any other loud noises. We left a blanket on the floor of the closet for her to snuggle into and always left the closet door open so she could escape to that place whenever she needed to. Fireworks were torture for her.

imageDay lilies are blooming in my neighbor’s yard. Day lilies always remind me of my childhood when I used to see them growing wild along the roadways and in the ditches near our farm. It occurs to me that we have never planted any in the yards of any homes I have lived in as an adult. We might need to change that.


I also see some yellow blossoms in our yard that I do not recognize. My sister does the gardening so I will have to ask her what they are.

Here’s hoping everyone has time for relaxation and family this weekend.

On Fridays I join Aimee of Aimee Writes for Casual Friday, a post with “no structure, no prompts, no rules, anything goes.” Check out her blog and join us in Casual Friday if you would like.


3 thoughts on “Casual Friday – 7/3/15

  1. susieshy45 July 4, 2015 / 1:37 am

    Hi Helen,
    Inspired by you, I just completed rearranging furniture in my room. I wanted a change and I had been putting it off. I thought the Fourth of July is a great day to make a change and free oneself of one chore.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good Woman July 5, 2015 / 7:20 am

      I am glad I could serve up some inspiration for you, although I am not exactly sure what I did. I bet you feel great about having accomplished that.

      Liked by 1 person

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