Hummingbirds – In Living Color and In A Cross-Stitched Design

Hummingbirds fascinate me. One of my great delights these days is watching one of nature’s engineering masterpieces come and go to and from the feeder mounted on our living room window. Tiny hummer We were thrilled when the first tiny black-chinned hummingbird of the season showed up at the feeder Monday evening.  We abandoned all activities while we watched him feed and fly away. We waited for his return.


He did not disappoint us. He came back several times during the course of the evening. image

Since the first appearance we have seen him on a regular basis. Frequently over the next several months we will turn our attention to the window to watch the vision of the dainty birds’ mid-air dances. We think they have a nest in one of the trees near our back deck. As the season moves on, we expect to see the female counterparts. They will be joined by other species. We typically see interesting territorial battles between the various hummingbirds.

This brings to mind one of my all time favorite cross-stitch pieces. It is an appropriate selection for this week’s Stitching Post to mark the seasonal return of the hummingbirds.


Project Details: “Bird Watching” from Leisure Arts The Magazine, Cross Stitch, June 1998, Designed by Barbara Baatz. Stitched over 2 fabric threads of 25 count white Laguna with 3 strands of DMC embroidery floss. Custom framed.


4 thoughts on “Hummingbirds – In Living Color and In A Cross-Stitched Design

  1. Ginny April 26, 2015 / 8:37 am

    I love watching all birds. The last 2 years I put out some hummingbird nectar and was delighted to catch the rare glimpse of a few hummingbirds. I eventually have to take the feeders down as the wasps love it too much and then decide to make a next under my porch. Don’t want wasps in the house, but I do miss seeing the birds. Any thoughts on how to keep the wasps away while being able to enjoy the beautiful humming birds? Your stitching is beautiful! Love the sweet little bird. Great job.


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